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Netcells Biosciences is Africa's leading stem cell laboratory and
cryogenic biobank
based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Netcells
is accredited with the AABB and is the only cord blood bank on the
continent to hold this prestigious international accreditation.

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Netcells Parents' Newsletter

Netcells releases first Cord Blood Unit

April 2015
Netcells is proud to announce that it has released its first cord blood unit for transplant for the treatment of an emerging therapy at Duke University in North Carolina. The significance that this unit was accepted in the USA was due to the fact that Netcells is AABB accredited. The stem cells were successfully infused and Netcells wishes its 8-month old client and his family all the best in his treatment.

Netcells releases first Cord Blood Unit

A look at stem cell freezing in SA

January 2015, eNCA
For years now, South African parents have been storing the stem cells of their babies as a form of insurance against future disease.
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Netcells Parents' Newsletter

Netcells Biosciences’ chosen charity for 2014 is the Uvemvane Project in association with CHOC

August 2014
It gives us great pleasure to announce that our chosen charity for 2014 is the Uvemvane Project.

The Uvemvane Project is based at CHOC (Childhood Cancer Foundation South Africa). The name ‘Uvemvane’ is derived from the Zulu word for the butterfly. Through the project, children with various types of cancer engage in the use of creative expressive arts in therapy, in order to help them understand and process some of the emotional difficulties that they have during diagnosis, treatment and recovery. During the psychotherapy sessions, transcultural modalities such as dance, movement, art, music and drama are incorporated to help find non-threatening ways in which to story the children’s experiences of illness. In this way, their psychological strengths and abilities are enhanced and they can creatively explore and re-define the world around them with a sense of confidence, purpose and hope.

Netcells Parents' Newsletter

Current evidence that exercise can increase the number of adult stem cells

August 2012, Journal of Muscle Research and Cell Motility
The number of adult stem cells (ASCs) is very small, limiting the regenerative potential of tissues. One of the most studied ASCs in humans is the satellite cell (SC), which proliferates and increases pool size under exercise stress and muscle damage. This review examines the growth factor response to specific types of exercise to show the potential of exercise to stimulate not only SC self-renewal, but also other ASCs. We postulate that the same factors that stimulate a high proliferation of SCs in skeletal muscle after physical exercise should also stimulate the proliferation of ASCs in the tissue in which they reside, such as heart, bone, liver and etc. Regular exercise should be promoted, not only for disease prevention, but to maintain a high ASCs reserve and progenitor cell potential for rapid activation in response to future stressors and damage.
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Good Odds for Those Who Need Bone Marrow Donor, Study Finds

July 2014
The chances of finding an acceptable donor via the National Marrow Donor Program are good for many bone marrow or cord blood transplant candidates, but the likelihood of finding a suitable donor varies among racial and ethnic groups, according to a new study.
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Latest Cord Blood Trial Targets Autism

June 2014
A team at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, is set to launch a $40 million clinical trial to explore using stem cells from the umbilical cord blood as a treatment for autism.
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Virgin Health Bank have done their first successful stem cell transplant

Virgin Health Bank have done their first successful stem cell transplant

May 2014
The two eldest children of the Okoli family had sickle cell disease- through Virgin Health Bank’s Community Banking programme, they both underwent successful stem cell transplants and are now cured.
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Virgin Health Bank have done their first successful stem cell transplant

Netcells Parents' Newsletter

Doctors Help The Sunflower Fund

February 2014
Netcells is extremely pleased to announce that there were 12 Gynaes in 2013 that generously donated their procedural fees to The Sunflower Fund. Together they raised R 51 403.34. This money will pay for new potential donors to go onto the South African Bone Marrow Registry which will give direct hope to children and young adults diagnosed with leukaemia who are in need of a life-saving bone marrow stem cell transplant.

The Sunflower Fund thank all the Gynaes that donated and were prepared to “Share a Little, to Save a Life”.

Netcells Consultants, Sandy Chaplin and Julie Pilditch handing over the cheque to The Sunflower Fund.
Netcells Consultants, Sandy Chaplin and Julie Pilditch handing over the cheque to The Sunflower Fund.

AABB Accreditation

February 2014
Netcells was audited by the assessors from the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) at the end of last year. Netcells is extremely pleased to announce that they have once again achieved accreditation for their cord blood services.
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Umbilical cord blood transplantation: the first 25 years and beyond

October 2013
This year marks the 25th anniversary of the first cord blood transplant. The young man who was a recipient of the first cord blood unit for transplant is a healthy father and husband today. See below an interesting article that discusses how cord blood has evolved over the last 25 years as well as what the future for umbilical cord stem cells holds.
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Netcells Parents' Newsletter

September 2013
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My Life Through Sickle Cell

June 2013, Parent’s Guide to Cord Blood Foundation June Newsletter
Marriam Carol Mulumba, a twelve year old girl, was born with a disease called Sickle Cell Anaemia. Carol was born with the severe type of Sickle Cell Anaemia and at the time her doctors said she would not live past the age of five. Carol was lucky as her parents stored both her younger brother and sisters cord blood at birth and when the time came for Carol to have a transplant they were both perfect matches! During the transplant, Carol received her brothers saved cord blood as well as some of his bone marrow. Carol is now 100% cured and her family have started a charity called Uganda-American Sickle Cell Rescue Fund (UASCRF) to educate people about sickle cell disease and its cure through use of cord blood and bone marrow transplant.
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Enough urging women to freeze their eggs-men should freeze their sperm, too

12 April 2013, Quartz by Arielle Duhaime-Ross
"Women, consider freezing your eggs," blared a recent headline on CNN's website. In the piece, Yale anthropology professor Maria C. Inhorn advises women that freezing their eggs before they turn 30 will enable them to eventually "rewind the biological clock," giving them more room to choose when they have children, instead of feeling forced to give birth before the inevitable fertility decline. Those are all valid arguments, but if you agree with Inhorn, then you shouldn't limit yourself to solely advocating for egg cryopreservation (freezing)-you should be telling men to freeze their sperm, too.

Woman are born with a set number of eggs in their ovaries. From puberty onward, women dispense them until the reproductive potential of these eggs runs out, usually in their 50s. Men, however, produce sperm continually. But that doesn't mean that their gametes-reproductive cells that fuse with another cell to reproduce-remain sprightly throughout their lives.
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Netcells turns 8 this month and we celebrate our birthday with our first baby whose stem cells we stored 8 years ago, Tannith Gafney.

March 2013
Tannith Gafney is the first baby we stored stem cells for in 2005. Tannith is now 8 years old and is in Grade 2 at Underberg Primary School (the family live in Underberg, a small farming town in the Southern Drakensberg in Kwa-Zulu Natal.) Tannith has a younger brother, Kelby, who is six years old and is also part of the Netcells family. Tannith’s mum, Leanne, says that she adores her younger brother. Tannith is extremely talented and has represented her school in swimming and hockey. She loves animals and has a rescue dog named Fudge. Tannith is a farm girl at heart and often talks about being a Horse Breeder or an Equine Vet when she is older. Horse riding is her favourite past time but she also loves modern dancing and tennis. Leanne describes her daughter as ‘’a healthy and happy, smart and beautiful young girl. She is extremely compassionate and is focused and I feel very lucky to have been blessed with her as my daughter!”

Tannith, Netcells wish you a very happy birthday for the 23rd March!

The "Paracrine Effect" is the best thing about Stem Cells

March 2013
Regenerative medicine is the science of repairing diseased and damaged cells or tissues. This can be accomplished in two ways. First, stem cells can directly replace the diseased cells by engrafting and differentiating into the required cell type. This is what happens during a bone marrow transplant, where the donor stem cells replace the patient's blood and immune system.
The second method of regenerative medicine is the paracrine effect. In this mechanism some of specialized donor cells act to stimulate the patient's cells to repair the diseased tissue, without the donor cells contributing directly to the new tissue. This happens because the donor cells secrete factors that signal the patient's cells to change their behavior, and this signaling from one cell to another is called the paracrine effect.
Read more about the “Paracrine Effect” on the Parents Guide to Cord Blood website.

The Secret Is Out: Cord Blood Stem Cells

February 2013
Joseph K. Davis has recently released a book, The Secret Is Out. The book tells the families story about their son, Joesph Jr who had a sibling cord blood transplant for sickle cell anaemia and survived after undergoing the transplant. “The story sheds light on this miracle of science that was once considered to be an experimental procedure, but has now—partly with their family's help—become an effective, internationally recognized form of treatment for a host of ailments once thought incurable.”
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Netcells’ Obstetricians raise funds for The Sunflower Fund.

January 2013
Due to the generosity of the Obstetricians that do stem cells collection for Netcells, Netcells was able to handover over a total amount of R34,210.80 to The Sunflower Fund.

The Sunflower Fund is a non-profit organisation whose sole purpose is to educate and recruit a viable source of well-informed potential bone marrow stem cell donors who are ethnically diverse, in an effort to save the lives of those needing a transplant. The Sunflower Fund operates a national toll-free call centre from Cape Town and has regional offices in Gauteng and KZN to assist with donor recruitment and fundraising. To date The Sunflower Fund has raised huge sums of money for donor testing to increase the SABMR which now has just over 64 500 donors.

Netcells endorses The Sunflower Fund as we both have the same interests in trying to give patients that are diagnosed with Haematological malignancies, a second chance in Life.

Netcells would like to thank the Obstetricians that contributed for their generosity and charitable efforts.

Netcells’ Obstetricians raise funds for The Sunflower Fund.

Netcells supports Dali and Rachel Tambo in their ride for CHOC.

November 2012
On Sunday 18th November Rachel and Dali Tambo are riding the 94.7 Cycle Challenge as part of ‘The Cows’. ‘The Cows’ team are racing to raise funds for the CHOC foundation in support of children with Cancer. Netcells made a contribution to support the teams good cause. We with them all the best of luck for Sunday!
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Netcells Parents' Newsletter

November 2012
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Nobel Prize won for Stem Cell Research

October 2012
The 2012 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine was awarded to Sir John B. Gurdon and Shinya Yamanaka for work that revolutionized the understanding of how cells and organisms develop. They share the prize jointly for their discovery that "mature, specialised cells can be reprogrammed to become immature, undifferentiated cells (stem cells) capable of developing into all tissues of the body.” These groundbreaking discoveries will open the door for future use of stem cells in clinical therapies.
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This discovery has led to people asking “why do we need to save our baby’s stem cells at the birth if any cell can be reprogrammed into a stem cell down the line?”

One must remember that all these new technologies still need to be investigated more and tested to ensure that they are safe and do not mutate into cells such as cancer cells. This will happen in time but for now cord blood and tissue are a valuable sources of stem cells that are available for use today.
Read the article “After the Nobel Prize, who needs cord blood” for more info.

July is National Cord Blood Awareness Month

July 2012
Sponsored by Parent’s Guide to Cord Blood National Cord Blood Awareness month’s mission is to educate parents with accurate and current information about cord blood medical research and cord blood banking options.
Read the interesting article for further information.

Blood Awareness Month

The Dr Mol Show on SABC 3

29 June 2012
Scientists may not have found the fountain of youth just yet, but there are many people who believe that stem cells may be it. We find out why there is so much buzz around these cells, how they are already being used in cosmetic medicine, and why Dali Tambo harvested stem cells to protect his kids.
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Netcells has extended its service offering and now offers clients the opportunity to store Semen

1 June 2012
Now, more than ever, people have control over their reproductive lives. There are situations in life when depositing semen in a long-term storage bank offers options for future preservation and peace of mind.
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Netcells Sponsors The All Expense Paid Pregnancy At Joburg Baby Expo

5 June 2012
Netcells sponsored free stem cell storage to the value of R12 900 to the lucky winner of the All Expense Paid Pregnancy at the Baby Expo. Darshana Makan was the winner at the Joburg Baby Expo.

Netcells Sponsors The All Expense Paid Pregnancy At Joburg Baby Expo

Netcells Parents' Newsletter

March 2012
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Netcells’ Obstetricians Raise Funds for CHOC

28 February 2012
In February 2012, Netcells donated a total amount of R62,952.60 to CHOC (Childhood Cancer Foundation SA). This money was raised by our Obstetricians foregoing their procedural fee for collecting umbilical cord blood and tissue stem cells for their patients in 2011. This greatly needed donation will be used to contribute to the well-being and treatment of children with cancer and life threatening blood disorders in both the CHOC houses and the wards. A big thank you to all those Obstetricians that contributed and helped us raise the funds.
CHOC Newsletter February 2012 PDF Download

Childhood Cancer Foundation SA

Netcells Biosciences Receives AABB Accreditation

9 February 2012
Independent South African stem cell bank Netcells Biosciences recently became Africa’s first and only stem cell facility to be awarded certified accreditation by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB). This makes Netcells the only bank in Africa to process and store stem cells in accordance with validated international accreditation standards.
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AABB Accreditation

Joost Undergoes Stem Cell Therapy

23 August 2011
South African rugby icon, Joost van der Westhuizen, is undergoing experimental stem cell therapy in order to regenerate and repair damaged tissue and to assist with impaired muscle functioning. It is the first time that this kind of treatment is being tried in South Africa.
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Joost Undergoes Stem Cell Therapy

Netcells Parents' Newsletter

March 2011
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Visit us at the JHB Baby Expo from 25 - 28 November at the Northgate Dome

November 2010

Netcells Sponsors The All Expense Paid Pregnancy At Cape Town Baby Expo

16 November 2010
Netcells sponsored free stem cell storage to the value of R13 900 to the lucky winner of the All Expense Paid Pregnancy at the Baby Expo. Bongi Motse was the winner at the Cape Town Baby Expo, "Somehow through this competition you have made just one dream come true and made the pregnancy journey for one woman such a special and joyous occasion."

Netcells Sponsors The St Peter’s Boys For The 94.7 Cycle Race, In Support Of CHOC

5 November 2010
Andrew Holt of St Peter's Prep donated R250 to the St Peter’s 94.7 tandem challenge. Netcells decided to match Andrew's donation 10 times to support the good cause.

All funds raised are contributed to CHOC as part of The Cows fundraising for the 2010 Stampede. This year The Cows are aiming to raise R4 million for CHOC to be used to upgrade and renovate the Pediatic Oncology wards at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital.

Netcells Is Due To Launch Adipose (Fat) Tissue Banking In Early 2011

4 November 2010
Adipose tissue is a rich adult source of mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) and can be collected via a mini-liposuction for cryopreservation of pure isolated MSC, preserving a record of your cells’ biological age. It is expected that MSC based therapies will form a major branch of stem cell medicine, and will also replace many current aesthetic therapies providing personalized dermatological solutions in their place.

Visit Us At The Cape Town Baby Expo From 29 - 31 October At The Cape Town Convention Centre

October 2010

Visit Us At The Baba Indaba From 22 - 24 October At Sandton Convention Centre

October 2010

Netcells Supports The Sunflower Fund

14 October 2010
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Visit Us At The Baba Indaba Gallagher Estate Midrand 28 - 30 May Stand 42B

Visit Us At Stand 36 At The Baby Expo At The Northgate Dome From 13 - 16 May

Stem Cell Bank For The Baby Expo

9 March 2010
South Africa's leading provider of stem cell storage for newborn babies will be exhibiting at The Baby Expo™ at The Coca-Cola dome from 13-16 May, 2010.

Netcells Now Offers Cord Tissue Storage

29 April 2010
Cord tissue contains mesenchymal stem cells which can be used to regenerate muscle, bone, nerve and other connective tissues. The therapeutic uses of these stem cells are still being researched. Please call us on (011) 697 2900 to find out more.

Iceland's Volcano Eruption

19 April 2010
Due to Iceland's volcano eruption and the resultant flight disruption in the UK & Europe (which remains indefinite) it is currently not advisable to send your baby's cord blood for storage overseas.

Visit Us At The Bloem Show

16 April 2010
Bloemfontein Showgrounds from 22 April - 1 May 2010. Hall H Stand 7

Netcells Parents' Newsletter

March 2010
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